Religious Education

At St Xavier’s School the children learn about God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Mary and the Saints, Catholic teachings and Christian values. All children prepare and attend Masses and Liturgies. Frequent visits are made to St Joseph’s Catholic Church and the Eucharist and Reconciliation are celebrated on a regular basis. Religion provides valuable lessons on how to live life and is a very important part of our school curriculum and our lives, as it helps to prepare for the future.


At St Xavier’s we use the English Syllabus and Support Documents published by the NSW Board of Studies. All aspects of English are taught including grammar, punctuation, reading, writing, spelling, handwriting, poetry, speaking and listening. A variety of strategies are used to teach all aspects of reading in each class on a daily basis. The children’s progress in reading is carefully monitored by classroom teachers and children are encouraged to set goals and personal challenges in their learning. In addition to ongoing assessment, children are tested using standardised tests at the beginning and end of each year and are involved in National Testing in May.

Creative and Practical Arts

At least once a week all children take part in an art and craft lesson. The children enjoy these activities, especially when they get to make a mess. They use a variety of materials in art such as charcoal, clay, paint, pencils, crayons and textas. The skills the children develop include pasting, folding, cutting, construction and modelling. Often, completed work is displayed in classrooms, on notice boards along the verandahs, in the library and in the school office. Displays of work are also prepared for the local show.

Children have the opportunity to be selected for the Infants or the Primary Choir and may be involved in the School Brass Band. All children are involved in appreciating music, organising sound, listening and performing (singing, playing or moving). Piano and guitar tuition are offered as extra curricula activities.

Drama lessons are taught each week and are often integrated with Religion activities. All classes have the opportunity to be involved in preparing plays, spoken word pieces or poems to perform in the local Eisteddfod.

Physical Education and Health

The School follows the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education K‐6 Syllabus and Support Documents. All children from Kindergarten to Year 6 are actively involved in the programme to develop their individual skill levels, coordination, fitness and self‐esteem. The strands of the syllabus cover Active Lifestyle, Dance, Games and Sport, Growth and Development, Gymnastics, Interpersonal Relationships, Personal Health Choices and Safe Living. The school has a full‐sized multipurpose centre which is used extensively for Sport and Phys Ed. We also have an outdoor Gross Motor Skills Activity Centre, large grassed playing fields and a comprehensively stocked sports shed. The children wear their sports uniform twice a week.


The School uses the New Mathematics K‐6 Syllabus and Support Document published by the NSW Board of Studies. Classes are well resourced with different textbooks and concrete materials such as MAB blocks, calculators, thermometers, games, computer so ware, clocks, measuring devices and counting materials. Mathematics is taught every day and assessed on a regular basis. The Years 3 & 5 children sit National Testing in May.

History and Geography

Geography develops knowledge and understanding of the features and characteristics of places and environments. During History, students develop an understanding of Australia’s Indigenous and colonial history and how Australia became a nation. Students also investigate their personal, family and community history. Excursions to the Warrumbungles in Year 3 and the Canberra Excursion in Year 6 complement these areas. Many of the units covered are integrated with other subjects such as English, Religion and Science and are integrated with the students’ library experiences.

Science and Technology

Science and Technology is taught in all grades and the NSW Board of Studies and Support Documents are used. This subject involves a wide range of skills and is based upon designing and making activities in most units. Prac cal “hands on” is a feature of this area with experiments being used to enhance learning and to increase enjoyment.

Computers and IT

At St Xavier’s every Primary student has access to their own Chromebook. The Infants students can access the computer lab. Children in all grades have access to Interactive whiteboards with teachers incorporating the use of this technology in all KLA’s. Students across all grades regularly utilize other technologies including iPads.
Students work in the Google Suite of Apps using Google Docs, Slides, Drive and Forms. Primary students access tasks for some topics through Google Classroom.


Children have the opportunity to be involved in representative sport from the age of 8 in a wide range of sports. All interests and ranges of abilities are catered for with children being able to represent the school at netball, football (league, touch, soccer and union), cricket, so ball, hockey, basketball, horse riding, athletics, swimming and cross‐country. St Xavier’s has a great representative tradition and its students and teams make regular appearances at State and even National Titles.


Children have the opportunity to be involved in representative sport from the age of 8 in a wide range of sports. All interests and ranges of abilities are catered for with children being able to represent the school at netball, football (league, touch, soccer and union), cricket, so ball, hockey, basketball, horse riding, athletics, swimming and cross‐country. St Xavier’s has a great representative tradition and its students and teams make regular appearances at State and even National Titles.



St Xavier’s is proud of its fine sporting tradition. The School’s Physical Education and sporting curriculum shows the school’s commitment to encouraging healthy lifestyles by providing a wide variety of competitive and non‐competitive sporting experiences for the students.

The school has a strong representative tradition with athletes representing at school, diocesan, state and even national levels. The more competitive and representative experiences aim to develop the students’ sporting potential, encouraging them to strive to do their best while endeavouring to build resilience to enable them to manage both success and disappointment.

St Xavier’s Multipurpose Hall is a wonderful facility and provides all weather access to basketball, netball, volleyball, badminton and other court sports as well as fitness, dance and gymnastics. Recently the school has also invested heavily in a Gross Motor Program which sees the infants students developing vital coordination and skills while having a great time.

St Xavier’s Principal, Mrs Jen Honner is very enthused about the program. “The Gross Motor Program activities are very popular with the younger children and there is a lot of research based evidence around these types of activities and the benefits they have for learning in academic areas.”



While traditional sports such as netball, league, union, athletics and swimming remain a large part of the St Xavier’s sporting experience other sports and activities are not neglected. The primary students are involved in summer and winter sport electives. The students have been able to choose from archery, bowls, golf, basketball, tae kwon do, cricket, softball, tennis, triathlon and gymnastics and they have been fortunate enough to be able to benefit from some expert tuition and coaching.

The electives allow the children to get a taste of many sports which they may otherwise get no exposure to, offering a non‐competitive experience that helps build skills and confidence while promoting interest in active, healthy lifestyles. One of the great things about the program is that many children who perceive themselves as being ‘no good’ at sport can find success in unexpected areas, giving them a whole new attitude towards physical activity.

student support

St Xavier’s believes in providing students the assistance they require to develop their fullest academic potential by cultivating self esteem, personal goal setting and academic independence. Accordingly, processes are put in place to help all children to experience success. These processes involve special individual and group programs, testing, assistance by special education teachers and/or aides Education Assistants and access to Diocesan Services.

St Xavier’s has a strong Additional Needs program to assist children to reach their potential. The students are provided with support for their particular needs in a number of ways. The Staff use a variety of methods to determine the specific needs of each student and discussion with parents is a priority.

Coordinator of teaching and learning, Julie van Dorst explains, “A variety of assessments and screeners are used to gain a full picture of the relevant needs and learning styles of students experiencing difficulties. Once student’s needs are identified, their learning program is modified and they may be assisted in small groups or individually in class with the assistance of an Education Assistant”.

The school will be running the Minilit program throughout the school. This is a focused program which identifies and targets children who struggle with reading and spelling. In addition to this, students with an identified disability receive individual support from an Education Assistant to enable them to function successfully in the classroom.



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The St Xavier’s School Library is an exciting and dynamic learning space offering a large range of information resources for the entire school community. The Library provides a supportive, safe and interesting space for meeting, learning, reading and playing.

The school library program is designed to develop and foster information literacy skills through the use of both print and online resources. Students are taught to research in an efficient, effective and safe manner, equipping them with vital skills for the future.

Students visit the Library regularly to borrow and read books, play games and research using technology such as World Book Online. The students are also now able to borrow and read e-books through our Oliver website.

Looking for more information regarding the St Xavier’s School Library? Simply follow the link to our Oliver Library website for all the latest news and information from the Library.


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